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We provide an open and free, white-label solution that is adaptable and highly secure.

  • Instant
  • No fraud
  • Privacy by design
  • Auditable
  • Data minimization

The easy way to paying
with Taler

To pay with Taler, customers install an electronic wallet on their device. Before the first payment, the desired currency must be added to the wallet's balance by some other means of payment.

Once the wallet is charged, payments on websites take only one click, are never falsely rejected by fraud detection and do not pose any risk of phishing or identity theft.

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Receiving payments
with Taler

To receive Taler payments, a merchant needs a bank account in the desired currency. We provide supporting software in various programming languages to make the integration painless. The merchant's backend for Taler transaction processing can run on the merchant's premises or be hosted by a third party.

Merchant integration is simple, and customers can pay for products without even having to register an account.

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Protect the privacy
of buyers

Privacy is most meaningful when it is guaranteed via technical measures, as opposed to mere policies. Without a technical layer providing privacy-by-default, financial transactions reveal unnecessary levels of personal or private data.

  • Based on Free Software and a free protocol
  • Works with blind signatures
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What makes Taler unique?


Taler uses a digital wallet storing coins and payment service providers with settlement accounts in existing currencies.


Payments are cryptographically secured and are confirmed within milliseconds with extremely low transaction costs.


By design Taler does not suffer from many classes of security problems such as phishing or counterfeiting.


Our solutions enable new online business models based on micro transactions because of efficient algorithms and minimization of data.


When using Taler, merchant's revenue is transparent for tax collection authorities. Unlike cash and most digital currencies.


When you pay with Taler, your identity does not have to be revealed. However, you obtain a legally valid proof of payment.


Taler provides protocols and reference implementations that in principle enable anybody to run their own payment system.


Taler wallets instantly confirm successful payments and immediately provide customers with receipts as proof of purchase.

What citizens are saying

Making cash digital and

Our vision is to establish a new payment standard with built-in security, privacy and data minimization by design.

  • Enable new online business models based on micro transactions.
  • Foster informational self-determination in e-commerce and m-commerce.
  • Establish efficient payment standard with security, privacy, and data minimization by design.
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Taler is a transaction system that is fast, secure, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

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